Sustainability is at the forefront when making all business decisions and our goal is to constantly improve and move forward with sustainability in mind for all aspects of the business. We feel it is very important to understand the overall impact of our decisions and that is why we support the Life Cycle Analysis approach to Sustainability. As sustainable raw material technology advances, we will be continually highlighting new product offerings and technologies in regards to Sustainability. FLEXSTAR is a company based on honesty and integrity and being a good corporate citizen is a part of that goal.

The 7 R's of Packaging at Flexstar


FLEXSTAR works with customers to optimize package sizes and minimize other waste factors wherever possible. We support the Life Cycle Analysis approach in developing the best overall solutions for our customers.


We have made a substantial volume shift to solvent-less laminations and water-based adhesives which has resulted in a significant decrease in VOC generation.


We recycle all plant solvents for use in our automatic wash-up systems. We offer customers an opportunity to return peripherals for re-use, thus reducing their waste stream.


In terms of packaging materials, we have a number of active projects focused on both the use of sustainable materials and the overall weight reduction of packaging. This is an area where we will see continual developments.


We purchase recycled cores and use re-usable pallets in the plant. We have a plant wide recycling program and are capturing and re-cycling 85% of the total weight of what was previously landfill. We are working on projects to capture the remaining 15%.


Both our Customers and ourselves want to achieve improved results and realize cost savings. We work with customers to streamline supply chains to reduce costs.


FLEXSTAR is an active member of the Plastic Processors Environmental Association of BC, CFECA and the Packaging Association of Canada to improve our overall knowledge base and allow us to further educate our customers.